Why Today is the Best Time to go for a Helicopter Pilot’s License

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Why Today is the Best Time to go for a Helicopter Pilot’s License

niclas herle explains why now is a great time to get a pilot license

While everyone knows what a helicopter pilot is, most people have very little idea of a helicopter pilot’s job.  Helicopter pilots are incredibly skilled and not just at flying helicopters, but at looking for solutions to many of the problems they encounter in the air.  According to experienced aviator, businessman, and veteran helicopter pilot Niclas Herle, the most accomplished helicopter pilots have skills that most people can only dream of having.

Niclas Herle also says that today is the best time to go through the courses and get that all-important helicopter pilot’s license. There are about 15,000 helicopter pilots in the United States, and there are businesses, agencies, and organizations looking to employ more.

For example, in the healthcare industry, facilities are looking for helicopter pilots to fulfill their emergency medical services needs. With the staggering number of people who get into accidents who need to be transported, plus all the other needs of patients such as organs from donors and emergency evacuations, there is definitely no shortage in supply for helicopter pilots.

However, Niclas Herle mentions that the most prevalent reason for becoming a helicopter pilot today is because the constant development and evolution of an ever-growing population have created a huge demand.  The perfect example Herle gives is the lack of roads that have made the transportation of goods impossible for land vehicles. 

The growing number of companies today produce goods that need to be transported fast because of the demand, which helicopter transport ably responds to.  And together with the acquisition of helicopter units is the hiring of helicopter pilots.

Helicopters have been very helpful in agriculture as well. These have been used to force warm air down to near-frozen crops to prevent damage and remove droplets of rain from ripening fruits.

Unfortunately, the number of helicopter pilots has decreased.  Because they are capable, many of them have been lured in to fly fixed-wing aircraft because there is a shortage of pilots.  In many cases, the more seasoned chopper pilots are lost to retirement.

Niclas Herle encourages the public to consider undergoing training that certifies them to fly a helicopter. Indeed, the demand for this expertise is at an all-time high.

Niclas Herle has been pursuing his passion for helicopters since 2007. After attaining his EASA pilot licenses ats 17, he decided to relocate to the United States. He graduated in 2010 with a degree in Business Economics. Since then, he went on to establish Heli Aviation Florida, LLC, Heli Aviation Holding, LLC, Heli Aviation Holding II, LLC, Diamond Helicopters, LLC, AeroParts.com, LLC, and flyVENTURE, LLC.  For similar reads, visit this page.