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Why Pursue a Career in Aviation?

Niclas Herle is the founder and CEO of Heli Aviation Florida, LLC, Heli Aviation Holding, LLC, Heli Aviation Holding II, LLC, Diamond Helicopters, LLC, AeroParts.com, LLC, and flyVENTURE, LLC. His goal is to make a positive impact with local and national law enforcement communities, providing training and other services where needed.

In 2007, Niclas Herle started pursuing a career in aviation and, from then on, built a career as a pilot, businessman, and author.  As someone who regularly participates in community and school-based efforts that aim to inspire the youth, he wishes to share his experiences to inspire others who want to pursue a career in aviation. 

When he has the opportunity, Niclas Herle teaches kids about helicopters, a topic that he is very much excited about.  He says that this is an opportunity to motivate the kids to think outside the box. As he speaks to these young ones, he always sets out to show the kids that they can use their skills and passions to make their dreams a reality. 

For those who want to follow in his footsteps in the aviation industry, Niclas Herle says that there are many opportunities to explore in this field of work.  While most people are familiar with the importance of helicopters and airplanes in tourism, these aircraft are also instrumental in rescue operations, farming, wildlife management, firefighting, and other business operations. 

Aside from the fact that flying is an empowering feeling, it can also be humbling.  Pilots and those who are still in training realize that they have a duty to serve thousands of people through their work.  While flying an aircraft, they need to make multiple decisions to guarantee a safe and smooth flight.  Though, at times it can be challenging, it is a rewarding career that brings more than financial benefits.  It allows pilots to see the world while bringing comfort and ensuring safety to the people around them.

A career in the aviation industry is also a great option for those who want to continue learning.  As operating an aircraft requires expertise, those who want to be pilots will have a first-hand experience of seeing innovations in the industry.  There is also a sense of accomplishment when a person masters a skill.  For pilots, logging in many hours navigating the skies can be fulfilling.  Being of service to many people and providing them with the help that they need can be a worthwhile way to build a career.