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niclas herle explains why now is a great time to get a pilot license

Why Today is the Best Time to go for a Helicopter Pilot’s License

While everyone knows what a helicopter pilot is, most people have very little idea of a helicopter pilot’s job.  Helicopter pilots are incredibly skilled and not just at flying helicopters, but at looking for solutions to many of the problems they encounter in the air.  According to experienced aviator, businessman, and veteran helicopter pilot Niclas Herle,…
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nicals herle talks about helicopter aid

Helicopter Aviation and Beyond: A New Age in Emergency Medical Aid and Transport

According to seasoned aviator, helicopter pilot, and businessman Niclas Herle, the helicopter division of the aviation industry has opened a lot more doors than people give it credit for.  These wonderful machines have facilitated new ways of travel, ways that are quicker than road travel, and more flexible than airplane flights.  Indeed, one of the…
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