Skydiving: The Perfect Way to Enjoy a City

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Skydiving: The Perfect Way to Enjoy a City

Niclas Herle talks about skydiving

Nothing compares to the thrill skydiving offers to adrenaline junkies and tourists. Liberating and eye-opening, skydiving as a way to experience a city has gained popularity over the years. Travelers are given the rare chance to jump off a helicopter at 7,000’ AGL, says flyVENTURE founder and CEO Niclas Herle.

One of the reasons people go skydiving is to fulfill their dream of flying. For 15 to 20 minutes, tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of the city before jumping off a helicopter. Skydiving is the best way to take in the scenery from an unusual perspective.  Most people go on vacation trips to let go and have fun, and among the most wonderful ways to let go of stress is to just fall into seeming oblivion. Both daunting and exciting, a skydiving experience can empower an individual.

Skydiving can help one face their fears. Some may be afraid of heights, while others may be frightened of losing control over a situation. Jumping off a helicopter with a stranger teaches one to trust and let go. Niclas Herle mentions that helicopter pilots and skydiving instructors are licensed professionals whose top priority is their client’s safety and enjoyment. So, give in and marvel in the magnificent view of the city.

Create amazing memories from the sky. Immerse in the culture and tradition of the city by taking helicopter tours and finishing them off with a huge jump. It is important to look for a helicopter tour provider that has passed every certification. Niclas Herle of flyVENTURE shares that the company maintains a Safety Management System that develops a company-wide culture of safety. While providing an incredible view of the city, the company offers clients unparalleled safety and comfort before, during, and after their flight. 

Niclas Herle is the founder and CEO of Heli Aviation Florida, LLC, Heli Aviation Holding, LLC, Heli Aviation II, LLC, Diamond Helicopters, LLC,, LLC, and flyVENTURE, LLC. He is also a chief pilot and the author of two books. For more updates from Niclas Herle, head over to this page.