Should You Go on a Helicopter Tour?

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Should You Go on a Helicopter Tour?

Niclas Herle discusses why you should go on a helicopter tour

Helicopter tours offer tourists a different view of a destination. Rather than just experiencing a city from the ground, those taking a helicopter tour get to espy the views from way up, sometimes with doors off, for a bird’s eye view of the city skyline. Tours can span from 15 minutes to a couple of hours and can be done in groups.

Niclas Herle, the founder of CEO of flyVENTURE mentions that shorter helicopter tours are great for tourists who are on a budget. A quick helicopter tour still offers the same thrill and view of the skyline. However, long tours allow tourists to savor their moment up in the air. Some long tours have stops which give tourists the opportunity to land on a few remote locations and marvel at the beauty of their destinations from both the ground and the sky.

Helicopter tours often take tourists to a number of areas, offering them a unique view of some of the most famous landmarks, parks, and natural landscapes in town. Tourists are encouraged to wear dark clothing during helicopter tours as bright-colored clothing reflects in the windows and may affect photos. Refrain from wearing flip-flops, long jewelry, and hats, and if one’s hair is long, they will be encouraged to tie their hair up.  Tourists who may be suffering from motion sickness might want to consider taking medicine before the tour. 

A helicopter tour must be included in every traveler’s bucket list. According to Chief Pilot Niclas Herle, no other tour can offer the same joy, excitement, and thrill a helicopter tour provides. Seeing a city in all its glory—especially during a sunset tour—is one of the most memorable experiences one can have.

Niclas Herle is the founder and CEO of several aviation companies.  He is also the chief pilot, helicopter pilot, and an author of two books. Visit this blog for more updates from Niclas Herle.