Helicopter Aviation and Beyond: A New Age in Emergency Medical Aid and Transport

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Helicopter Aviation and Beyond: A New Age in Emergency Medical Aid and Transport

nicals herle talks about helicopter aid

According to seasoned aviator, helicopter pilot, and businessman Niclas Herle, the helicopter division of the aviation industry has opened a lot more doors than people give it credit for.  These wonderful machines have facilitated new ways of travel, ways that are quicker than road travel, and more flexible than airplane flights.  Indeed, one of the most notable things a helicopter can do is reach areas that may not be accessible to road vehicles and airplanes.  And this is made for quite interesting breakthroughs.

For all intents and purposes, helicopters have ushered in a whole new age of emergency medical aid and transport, the likes of which the world has never experienced before helicopters came along.

Niclas Herle mentions that people experience medical emergencies every day.  From road accidents to heart attacks, human life is threatened every day by the unpredictable.  Such is one of the harsh realities of life.  Helicopters have presented themselves as an extremely efficient option for transport in case of any of these medical emergencies – especially for people who are in hard-to-reach places,  such as areas hit with national disasters where roads are inaccessible, oil rigs far off the coast, the middle of a natural preserve, and the like.  On the flip side, helicopters can bring emergency medical personnel to areas where medical aid is needed – if people who need medical care cannot be transported out. 

Today, medical teams can literally be brought to the scene of an accident so that they can administer solutions to a victim sooner rather than later, as Niclas Herle underscores.  From the scene of an accident, a victim who needs to be transported to a health facility with more sophisticated medical equipment would take only a couple of minutes instead of a half-hour road navigation through traffic.

Another vital purpose of helicopters in emergency medical aid and transport is the quick delivery of organs for transplant.  Helicopters can quickly take harvested organs from donors and bring them to hospitals where recipients are waiting, Niclas Herle adds.

Veteran chopper pilot Niclas Herle has a 12-year accident/incident free flying record.  He started his flying career at the age of 17.  In 2011, he moved to the U.S. and started Heli Aviation.  Read more about his expertise here.