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Niclas Herle says Sarasota is a great view from the sky

Experience Sarasota From the Sky

The cultural mecca of Florida, Sarasota has long been associated to environmental activism, art, and cinema. The city is known for its incredible efforts of preserving historical landmarks and keeping its beaches pristine. No other city in the U.S. can match the beauty of Sarasota.  According to founder and CEO of flyVENTURE Niclas Herle, getting a…
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Niclas Herle discusses why you should go on a helicopter tour

Should You Go on a Helicopter Tour?

Helicopter tours offer tourists a different view of a destination. Rather than just experiencing a city from the ground, those taking a helicopter tour get to espy the views from way up, sometimes with doors off, for a bird’s eye view of the city skyline. Tours can span from 15 minutes to a couple of hours and…
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