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A Look at the Wonderful Machine that is the Helicopter

Experienced helicopter pilot and businessman Niclas Herle has spent his entire life in awe of the helicopter, and for a good reason.  There is no machine like the helicopter on Earth in terms of its purpose and capabilities.  In fact, Niclas Herle believes in helicopters that he has even gone the extra mile to try and convince people everywhere to take a chance and learn more about the machine and how to pilot it.

Niclas Herle has also taken the time to write down things he knows about helicopters, compile these writings, and share them in a series of blogs to educate people further and entice them to learn about helicopters. 

Today’s blog is as basic as it gets as Niclas Herle takes everyone through the halls of history as he explores the history of this magnificent vehicle.

Enthusiasts, hobbyists, engineers, and manufacturers have Igor Sikorsky, the father of the modern helicopter, to thank for creating the helicopter as the world knows it.  It was the first fully-operational, manned machine that could take to the skies without needing a runway.  And even if the sky still belonged to airplanes, there are dozens of things helicopters can do that airplanes cannot, such as transporting emergency care patients and organs for transplant, reaching and landing in places most vehicles can’t reach, or even rescuing people in the middle of a stormy ocean.

The common misconception about helicopters, according to Niclas Herle, is that it’s different from airplanes in every way – but it really isn’t.  The science behind these two aircraft is nearly identical; a system creates lift, which allows them to rise from the ground.  Though, the airfoils in choppers are found in their rotor blades, as opposed to the airplane’s, which is located in its wings.  The airfoils blowdown, creating lift, Niclas Herle adds.

Niclas Herle is a pilot, philanthropist, and author.  He constantly helps with disaster relief, environmental conservation, and search and rescue efforts. He also encourages people to get into aviation.  To know more about Niclas’ passions, visit this site.