Niclas Herle has always been passionate about helicopters and flying.

He is the founder and CEO of Heli Aviation, flyVENTURE, Diamond Helicopters, and 


 Niclas hopes to provide excellent service to people in need.

Aside from a thriving career in aviation, Niclas Herle has also participated in the German Red Cross with over a decade of service. He served as a Battalion Chief for the local crisis response unit.


 A helicopter tour will allow travelers to take in the beauty of the sights while up in the air.

For passengers to enjoy a city’s beautiful views, the aircraft must be comfortable and secure. Niclas Herle’s company, flyVENTURE, is committed to the safety of its clients and crew with its well-maintained state-of-the-art aircraft and experienced pilots.


His goal is to make a positive impact with local and national law enforcement communities, providing training and other services where needed.

In 2007, Niclas started pursuing a career in aviation and, from then on, built a career as a pilot, businessman, and author. As someone who regularly participates in community and school-based efforts that aim to inspire the youth, he wishes to share his experiences to inspire others who want to pursue a career in aviation.

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